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Don't just take my word for it:

Trust the brides who chose me as their hairstylist for their wedding day.

Here is what they say...


“My hair was amazing - exactly how I imagined my mohawk, I can't thank you enough! You are so talented. My husband loved how my hair looked (he said to tell you it was amazing)”

— Elena, April 2023


“Thank you so much for everything: you made us feel comfortable and made us all look beautiful”

— Chantal, March 2023

"Thank you for being so amazing on the day, you were kind  easy to take advice from and you made everyone so comfortable and confident. Your hair lasted throughout the wind and the whole night of dancing!" 

— Tash, May 2022

Wanaka wedding hairstylist

“I was very happy with your services and so were both mums!”

— Christine, May 2022

Bridal hair Wanaka
Dana Kahn Rippon wedding by LUISA APANUI - 0019.jpg

I'm so glad you did my hair for me, I really loved it and I could not have asked for better! We all loved our hair

I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is getting married!


Thanks again!

— Dana, March 2022

katie taine.png

“I had lots of comments about my hair and absolutely loved it! I was really sad the next day because I'll never be that beautiful again haha!”

— Katie, February 2022

“Thanks so much for the amazing work you did on Saturday!! I was so stoked with my hair, it was better than what I was even hoping for!”

— Tori, February 2022


“Sara did an incredible job of our hair. She was bubbly and made the get ready time fun.”

— Donna, November 2021


“You did an amazing job with my hair and my five bridesmaids!”

 Cherie, 13 April 2019

“My hairstyle held well and looked great the whole day. Sara was easy going and lovely to talk to, putting me to ease while I had a million thoughts going round my head...”

— Estelle, 28 April 2016

“... I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Thank you, Sara!"

— Kim, 26 September 2019

“I loved absolutely everything about my hairstyle, and I’ve received so many compliments. I will definitely recommend you, Sara!”

— Lehia, 23 August 2016

“I loved what you did with my hair, thank you!”

— Marina, 7 December 2019

“Sara was professional, lovely and so much fun - and she does fabulous hair!!”

— Jordie, 23 November 2019

“My bridesmaids and I were all completely in love with our hairstyles and were super impressed with how talented you are”

— Jess, June 2017

“ did an excellent job on my hair and it lasted well, despite a long day, helicopter ride and farm setting...”

— Katie, April 2017

“You created exactly the look that I wanted.”

— Brianna, July 2017

“I had a blast having you there on our wedding day, it was just a perfect and relaxed morning and I love what you did with my hair!”

— Sarah, January 2016

“I loved having you about and I loved all the hairstyles you created. thank you!”

— Louise, July 2017

“Just want to say thank you again. Thank you for the amazing hair and your ability to style all types of hair. I love how we all had different styles and my hair stayed in place even for the next day BBQ.”

— Nicole, November 2017

“ It was exactly what I was imagining and was still holding strong at midnight after hours of dancing!”

—Jess, February 2018

“You made everyone in the bridal party feel special and look amazing while you did their hair”

— Amanda, January 2018

“ You are bold, beautiful, and exceptionally talented”

—Alana, March 2018

“my hair looked better than the photos on Pinterest!”

— Lauren, March 2018

 " Thank you so much for the magnificent job you did of my hair - it was badass and absolutely stunning"

— Becki, March 2020

“ Sara delivered better result then than what I had in mind. Highly recommended and very professional”

— CheukMan, February 2018

“thanks so much for the incredible job on my wild curly hair .... it was more beautiful than I ever imagined. I loved that you took the time to work out exactly what I wanted ...”

— Rebecca, May 2018

“Sara is beyond amazing, she is warm, funny and so so talented!”

— Clancy, June 2018

“this is how beautiful my hair looked that day  Thank you again so much for your excellent job!  ”

— Kimberly, November 2018

“I genuinely loved my hairdo and I truly think you and your skills are amazing!”

— Liz, October 2018

“Working with you was absolutely incredible:   my hair stayed put all day long despite the insanely windy conditions that day! I still can't believe how well it all held together!  ”

— Jennifer, February 2019

“I LOVED all of our hair! you did such a good job and it was really nice to have you there ”

— Rachel, March 2019

Wanaka wedding hairstylist.jpg

“thank you for your contribution to my day, I loved my hairstyle.”

— Emma, Jan 2021

Wanaka wedding hairstylist.jpg

“I had the best time whilst you were styling my hair. You are a magician and I loved having you as a hairstylist. Thank you!”

— Kaushie, December 2020

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